Here’s a list of the hotels that are currently open in Rockport, Texas

Rockport fishing guides have suffered a major hit by Hurricane Harvey. The good news, the fishing has never been better! The lack of fishing pressure is keeping a lot more fish in the water for you to have the opportunity to catch.

While your planning your trip to Rockport, you may not be sure which hotels are open and which ones are still down from the hurricane. 

Here is a list of hotels in the immediate Rockport area for you to choose from. 

Important: Rockport needs your business in order to get back up on its feet. If none of these options appeal to you for any reason, no problem! Portland is only a few miles down HWY 35 and will pose no hinderance for your fishing trips should you decide to book a hotel there.   

*Prices start at $120, newly built, has a great pool and very nice rooms 

*Prices start at $120, newly built, and very clean rooms


*Rooms under $100, great pool, clean rooms, close to Fulton 


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